IMS-Smart On-Line subscription prices in four simple steps

  Master ISO/IEC 27001 risk assessment and the Statement of Applicability with IMS-Smart Assistant

How much will IMS-Smart On-Line cost me?

Step 1: How big is your ISMS organisation?[1]


Step 2: How many administrators do you need?[2]



Step 3: which standards?[3]

ISO/IEC 27001 plus ISO 9001
plus privacy[4] plus privacy[4] and ISO 9001


Step 4: IMS configuration[5]

Regular Overarching-subordinate

  • Please contact us for prices if you have an ISMS organisational size of 201 or more people, or you would like more than 6 administrators.
First 30 days, free, then GBP 61.29 plus applicable taxes per month thereafter, plus one-off charges of GBP 46.00 plus applicable taxes per copy of ISO/IEC 27001 required.
  • Register here for your evaluation licence; start building your ISMS straight away. At the end of your trial period, upon successful payment of your first months subscription, your licence will be automatically converted to a full licence. Upgrades, downgrades and access to BSI copyrighted information will then be accessible from within IMS-Smart On-Line upon payment of the applicable fees. Click here for conditions of use, and here for product videos. Please contact us if you would like consultancy assistance to help you in your ISMS endeavours.