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Use this page to register for access to IMS-Smart On-Line. Successful registration will entitle you to a free 30-day 5-user, full functionality ISMS trial (but without access to BSI standards) Thereafter the charge is £104.44 for the first month and then £58.04/month plus applicable taxes for subsequent months. The first month’s charge gives access to ISO/IEC 27001 for one administrator. Further copies can be purchased for a one off-fee.* On registration, you will be asked for your card details, but you will not be charged until the free trial period has expired. If you do not wish to pay for continued use of IMS-Smart On-Line, you may cancel your subscription before the end of the trial period. If you do not want to provide your card details, you can have free anonymous access valid to a shared evaluation system. However, you will not be able to enter or edit any data; access is viewing only, but over time you can see an ISMS being constructed and used.

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All ISMS have a unique id known as the IMSid. We apologise if your chosen user name or IMSid is already in use. If either is, you will be informed and invited to resubmit. For user names, only use letters, numbers and the following characters dot(.) hyphen (-) underscore (_). Other characters are ignored. Maximum 100 characters. User-names are case insensitive.


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